1. NoRiskStrategy
(Viewed: 679)
Status: Paying

2. Surf4Coin
(Viewed: 559)
Status: Paying

3. Money4Surf
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4. SurfWallet
(Viewed: 635)
Status: Paying

5. AdsToPay
(Viewed: 624)
Status: Paying

6. MasterSurf
(Viewed: 547)
Status: Paying

7. WalletSurf
(Viewed: 570)
Status: Paying

8. Capital-Surf
(Viewed: 321)
Status: Paying

9. Surf4Money
(Viewed: 252)
Status: Paying

10. FastMoneySurf
(Viewed: 260)
Status: Paying

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Get Pay Gold > Games > WiredGame
Title: WiredGame
Rating: 5.00
Status: Paying
Viewed / Clicked: 1,439 / 91
Min Bet: $0.05 Max Bet: $128
Withdrawal: 0.01 Instantly
Interest: 200% bet
Referrals: 10%
Added: 13 May 2018

Program Info:
Description: To play our game, if you win you will get Maximum 200% from your bet. Once you have verified your information at the WiredPay confirmation page click continue and you wil see the result immediately. There are no limits on how often you can play every day or hour. You can play as much as you want.

Pay Systems: WiredPay
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1 (6 December 2018):
I highly recommend them! (1 December 2018):
$$ INSTANT $$ You successfully requested a 168 USD withdrawal to Perfect Money (5 October 2018):
Admin is always punctual for paying to members! (27 September 2018):
Thanks admin Very Happy (18 August 2018):
$$ INSTANT $$ You successfully requested a 63 USD withdrawal to Bitcoin (28 July 2018):
good work. (29 June 2018):
Today Paid again! wonderful service! (26 June 2018):
Program Still paying! (16 June 2018):
The amount of 138 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.
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