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Get Pay Gold > Games > CoinJackpot
Title: CoinJackpot
Rating: 5.00
Status: Paying
Viewed / Clicked: 353 / 45
Min Bet: $0.02 Max Bet: $100
Withdrawal: 0.01 Instantly
Interest: 200% bet
Referrals: 10%
Added: 5 August 2017

Program Info:
Description: Welcome Head or Tail - instant game
Choose whether the next coin flipped return head or tail!
Place your bet and you can win 200 % of your spend if your bet is right!

Pay Systems: WiredPay
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1 (16 November 2017):
Today Paid again! (26 October 2017):
very good. (16 October 2017):
Admin is always punctual for paying to members! (12 October 2017):
Some referal bonus received again! (11 October 2017):
I hope this one can last long. (9 October 2017):
The amount of 122 USD has been deposited to your Bitcoin account. (9 October 2017):
PerfectMoney was transferred to your account (9 October 2017):
Really great program! payment received very fast! thanks (9 October 2017):
Good should keep up the work (9 October 2017):
$$ INSTANT $$ You successfully requested a 199 USD withdrawal to BTC (8 October 2017):
payment received again! very good
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